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27 January 2022 - Live Webinar


COP26 has rightly highlighted the challenges around climate change but there is more to sustainable investing than just climate.


Nick Edwardson, Senior Investment Specialist for Multi Asset, will host a live discussion with Colin Dryburgh and Robert Jan van der Mark, co-managers of our Sustainable Diversified Growth strategy.


They will share their outlook for 2022, their thoughts on how sustainability themes and the macro picture will develop in the year ahead and what that means for growth investors.


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Fund description

Please note that on 1 April 2021 this Fund changed its name and investment policy to reflect a sustainable philosophy. From this date assets will only be brought into the Fund which reflect our sustainability criteria. The Fund name was changed from the Aegon Global Diversified Growth Fund to the Aegon Global Sustainable Diversified Growth Fund. For further details please see the notification of investment policy and name change in the documents section below.

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Multi-Asset Conversations - April 2021


Vincent McEntegart discusses economic and market expectations for 2021 with Olaf van den Heuvel, Head of the Multi-Asset Group and Frank Rybinski, Head of Macro Strategy. They cover the US fiscal and monetary policy and the impact on growth in the USA as well as safe havens in the current environment and how the market concerns have shifted in the first quarter of the year.


Multi-Asset Conversations - March 2021

In this latest edition of the Multi Asset Conversations, the team share their thoughts on key currencies and the positive impact the vaccine roll-out has had on the EUR, GBP and USD. They also discuss their views about Emerging Markets, a highly disparate universe where markets need to be treated on their individual merits.

Multi-Asset Conversations - Feb 2021

In the second short video in the series Colin Dryburgh discusses the opportunities for growth assets in 2021 and Robert-Jan van der Mark looks at sustainability and how we are seeing opportunities in that area.


Multi-Asset Conversations - Jan 2021

In the first of the series Vincent McEntegart gives his thoughts on the broad market expectations for 2021 and Debbie King presents a short case study on how we use bank equity and bank credit in our income strategies to deliver income plus a strong risk-adjusted return.


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Notification of investment policy change and name change.pdf

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Aegon AM UK Sustainability Risks and Impacts Policy 2021.pdf

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Fund managers

Colin Dryburgh

Colin Dryburgh

Investment Manager, Multi-Asset Investing

Colin Dryburgh is an investment manager in the Multi-Asset Group.

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Robert-Jan van der Mark

Robert-Jan van der Mark

Investment Manager, Multi-Asset Investing

Robert-Jan van der Mark joined Aegon Asset Management in 2006.

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Fund Charges are taken from income but will be taken from capital where income is insufficient to cover charges. Please be aware that each fund presents its own risk profile. Before making an investment decision, please read the KIID for an explanation and refer to the prospectus for information about all relevant risks, including all material risks for this fund.


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