US Real Estate Private Equity

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Key Characteristics

  • Focuses on maximizing investment returns through value creation
  • Over 30 years of experience overseeing property operations for Aegon Asset Management and its affliate’s equity and investment properties throughout the US
  • US multifamily value add initiative: Combines the firm's extensive experience in the multifamily sector and relationship network with local and regional real estate owner/operators


Aegon Asset Management’s Real Estate Private Equity team leverages the expertise and resources of multiple disciplines to acquire, underwrite and manage a variety of real estate investments across property sectors including multifamily, industrial, retail, commercial and office. Each investment is supported by an established in-house equity asset management team with experience managing across all property types and regions.


Investments are sourced through new and existing project managers and through secondary opportunities. The team conducts initial and ongoing due diligence reviews of each manager using questionnaires, portfolio modeling and stress testing, and by conducting onsite property visits or touring of assets. Investment Committee approval is required prior to making investments with any managers.