Natural Resources/Energy Private Equity

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Key Characteristics

  • Sources under-developed and inefficient oil and gas operations throughout North American onshore oil reserves

  • Targets niche, middle-market, upstream and associated midstream investments with predominately proved, developed and producing (PDP) assets


  • Aegon Asset Management’s Natural Resources Private Equity team identifies, selects and allocates capital to natural resources investments through direct investments, joint ventures and fund strategies with nonaffiliated management teams that serve as general partners for specific assets.


  • The investment team sources under-developed and inefficient oil and gas assets throughout North American onshore oil reserves by selecting management teams in both the primary and secondary markets with significant operating experience and a demonstrated proficiency in identifying and mitigating risks.


  • The strategy invests in a diversified portfolio of upstream and associated midstream oil and natural gas assets with a high concentration of proved, developed and producing (PDP) reserves with the goal of optimizing operations and expanding the reserve base.


Offered exclusively to US investors by Aegon RA.

Portfolio Manager

Matt Willer

Matt Willer

Lead Portfolio Manager, Real Estate Private Equity

Matt Willer is lead portfolio manager of real estate private equity focusing on energy and natural resources.

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