US Mortgage Loan Special Servicing

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Key Characteristics

  • Performs commercial mortgage loan (CML) workout and foreclosure activities
  • Offers expertise across major property types and specialized segments to a diverse client base
  • Rated by S&P*


Aegon Asset Management’s mortgage loan special servicing group performs commercial mortgage loan (CML) workouts and foreclosure activities including the resolution of a wide range of loan and collateral-level issues.


Established in 1991 to manage assets for the Resolution Trust Corporation resulting from the Savings & Loan (S&L) collapse, the group provides expertise in monetary and non-monetary workouts, loan underwriting and due diligence, investment management, and research analytics.


Why Aegon Asset Management for Special Servicing?

  • Supported by a comprehensive real assets business
  • Experience with all major commercial property types, including office, retail, industrial and multifamily, along with specialized segments of self-storage, agriculture and senior housing
  • Lower than average default/workout loans per asset manager
  • Experience through multiple credit cycles
  • Maintains a “Strong” Special Servicer rating with a “Stable Outlook” affirmed by S&P (as of April 2020)


*Agency ratings do not reflect favorable client responses or ignore unfavorable client responses. Aegon Asset Management has paid Standard & Poor’s to conduct its rating. This rating is not indicative of future performance. Information regarding Standard & Poor’s rating systems and criteria is available at