US Mortgage Loan Special Servicing

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Key Characteristics

  • Supported by a comprehensive real assets business

  • Experience with all major commercial property types, including office, retail, industrial and multifamily, along with specialized segments of self-storage, agriculture and senior housing

  • Experience through multiple credit cycles

  • Maintains a “Strong” Special Servicer rating with a “Stable Outlook” affirmed by S&P (as of April 2022)*


  • Aegon Asset Management’s mortgage loan special servicing group performs commercial mortgage loan (CML) workouts and foreclosure activities including the resolution of a wide range of loan and collateral-level issues.


  • Established in 1991 to manage assets for the Resolution Trust Corporation resulting from the Savings & Loan (S&L) collapse, the group provides expertise in monetary and non-monetary workouts, loan underwriting and due diligence, investment management, and research analytics.


*Agency ratings do not reflect favorable client responses or ignore unfavorable client responses. Aegon Asset Management has paid Standard & Poor’s to conduct its rating. This rating is not indicative of future performance. Information regarding Standard & Poor’s rating systems and criteria is available at

Offered exclusively to US investors by Aegon RA.

Leadership Team

Lara Osterhaus

Lara Osterhaus

Global Head of Debt

Lara Osterhaus is global head of debt responsible for the US-based real assets debt platform, Commercial Mortgage Loan (CML) Production, Mortgage Loan Servicing, Mortgage Loan Special Servicing and Environmental and Engineering and Agricultural Lending groups.

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Sarah Swartzendruber

Sarah Swartzendruber

Managing Director, Mortgage Loan Servicing and Special Servicing

Sarah Swartzendruber is managing director of the Mortgage Loan Servicing and Special Servicing departments.

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