Global High Yield Fund (EUR)

ISIN: NL0000685576 SEDOL: 0068557 SFDR Classification: Article 8

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The Fund primarily invests direct or indirect in high-yield bonds issued byimageuql2f.png American or European companies and institutions. The investment process is focused on the value addition by means of an active selection policy for sectors and individual bonds.

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KIID AEAM GlobalHigh Yield Fund (EUR) - in Dutch.pdf

(185KB) PDF

Prospectus AEGON Paraplu I Funds (in Dutch) 1 april 2024.pdf

(926KB) PDF

SFDR Disclosures Paraplufonds 1 September 2023.pdf

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SFDR Website disclosure - AEAM Global High Yield Fund (EUR).pdf

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Amendment prospectuses AEAM Funds, AEGON Funds and AEGON Paraplufonds 1.pdf

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Halfjaarbericht 2023 Paraplufonds 1 (DUTCH).pdf

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Halfjaarbericht 2022 Paraplufonds 1 (DUTCH).pdf

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Jaarverslag 2023 Paraplufonds1 (DUTCH).pdf

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Aegon AM NL Sustainability Risks and Impacts Policy

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