Real Assets Platform

Innovative and focused yield-oriented and total return solutions

With an over 30-year track record, we have built our real assets business on a cycle-tested vertically integrated platform, deep and broad market access, and long-term relationships. Our debt and equity strategies seek to deliver strong relative value through a research-intensive process.

Key facts


as of June 30, 2021

USD 29.9 billion



Assets under management/advisement5,6,7,8




Investment professionals in the US & Europe




Years of experience

Assets under management/advisement = $29.9 billion




5Aegon Real Assets US has regulatory assets under management with respect to its advisory (i.e., securities-related) business. Additionally, Aegon Real Assets US has non-advisory, non-regulatory (i.e. non-securities related) assets under advisement. For the full Aegon Real Assets US Form ADV, see  6Based on market value. Numbers may not add due to rounding. 7Includes $1.6 billion managed within the Multi-Asset & Solutions platform. 8Includes $2.4 billion managed within the Multi-Asset & Solutions platform. 9CMLs include commercial mortgages, reverse mortgages, credit tenant mortgage loans, and residential mortgage loans. 10Loan market value calculation methodology varies based upon client specific direction. 11Includes market value plus future capital contributions.

Cycle-tested Real Assets Platform

Over 30 years of experience structuring real assets strategies tailored to client preferences.


The real assets business is built on a cycle-tested vertically integrated platform, deep and broad market access and long-term relationships


Strategies seek to deliver strong relative value and returns through thoughtful top-down research and deployed with intelligent bottom-up analysis


Each capability and solution is supported by dedicated applied research, engineering & environmental, valuation, accounting, client service, legal and risk management and compliance teams

Why allocate to Real Assets?


Why ... ... Because

Diversification offers potential risk reduction

Real asset investments often react differently to changes in market conditions compared to traditional asset classes. Their unique attributes can be used to reduce portfolio risk and volatility through diversification.

Broad investment universe with deep pool of assets and investment structures

This broad opportunity set allows for highly customized solutions relating to risk, return, income, liquidity, sustainability, social responsibility, and more.

Attractive investment yields compared to traditional asset classes

Real asset strategies can provide attractive risk-adjusted investment yields compared to more traditional asset classes such as stocks and bonds.

Overview of Real Assets Debt

  • USD 19.0 billion in assets under management/advisement
  • Originates and services high-quality mortgage loans
  • Provides deep market access to opportunities combined with in-depth local market expertise
  • Supported by highly-rated mortgage loan servicing and special servicing teams

US Commercial Mortgage Loans
US Agricultural Mortgage Loans
US Mortgage Loan Servicing
US Mortgage Loan Special Servicing

Overview of Real Assets Equity

  • USD 10.9 billion in assets under management*
  • Leverages the expertise and resources of multiple disciplines to acquire, underwrite and manage real estate investments in the US and Europe
  • Provides expertise across all major property sectors including multifamily, industrial, office and retail along with specialized segments including self-storage, land and senior housing

*Includes $4.0 billion managed within the Multi-Asset and Solutions platform.

Tax Credit Equity/US Low-Income Housing Tax Credits
Natural Resources / Energy Private Equity
US Real Estate Private Equity
UK Real Estate Private Equity
Real Estate Public Equity
US Asset Management