Sustainable Diversified Growth

The Aegon Diversified Growth Strategy2 is a global multi-asset portfolio with the flexibility to invest across a wide range of assets.



Strategy inception August 31, 2013
Co-managers Colin Dryburgh and Robert-Jan van der Mark
Investment Objective To maximise total return (income plus capital) at a lower risk than global equity markets by investing in a diversified portfolio of global assets.
Investment universe
  • Alternatives
  • Equities
  • Credit
  • Government bonds
  • Currency
  • Cash
Currency options GBP, USD, EUR



The Strategy’s core ‘alternative’ investments are those which possess natural characteristics consistent with our investment objectives: attractive growth potential with low volatility.  We supplement these by investing in a diverse spread of additional investments – such as equities and bonds – which, when combined, match those characteristics.


Our principal equity exposures are to benchmark-agnostic sustainable growth and income strategies. All stocks are selected by members of our equity team based upon specific total return characteristics.  Our allocation to fixed income is highly selective, ranging from risk-diversifying positions in government bonds to higher-yielding credit positions.


Overall we seek to maintain a balanced portfolio, but are prepared to adjust our risk-positioning to reflect emerging opportunities and threats. 

Portfolio managers

Colin Dryburgh, CFA

Colin Dryburgh, CFA

Investment Manager

Colin Dryburgh, investment manager, is a member of the multi-asset group. Prior to his current role, Colin worked for Aviva Investors, where he was a European equity analyst.

Manager profile
Robert-Jan van der Mark

Robert-Jan van der Mark

Investment Manager, Multi-Asset Investing

Robert-Jan van der Mark, CFA, is head of systematic investment strategies and a portfolio manager in the multi-asset group.

Manager profile