High Yield & Bank Loans

Aegon AM manages high yield and bank loan strategies with a time-tested investment approach. 

For over two decades, we’ve managed leveraged finance strategies through various market environments using a disciplined process coupled with a risk-focused mindset and opportunistic management style. 

Supported by our seasoned Special Situations and Distressed Credit team, we form high-conviction ideas as we navigate market inflection points. Over the years, the firm has introduced several US and global high yield strategies designed to provide a variety of outcomes.

Distinguishing Characteristics

Our research team structure, long-term investment focus, and risk-focused process help differentiate our high yield and bank loan strategies:

Global, differentiated research capabilities

Our multi-pronged, global research platform includes dedicated credit, loan, special situations and distressed credit capabilities. The seasoned Credit Research team includes industry experts that further specialize by high yield and investment grade issuers. Dedicated Bank Loan research provides an asset class focus and expands the research coverage to loan-only issuers while the specialized Special Situations and Distressed Credit team helps mitigate risk and uncover potential opportunities.

High-conviction, business cycle-based approach

Portfolio managers combine bottom-up and top-down insights to form high-conviction ideas and anticipate market cycle changes in an effort to capitalize on market dislocations.

Risk-focused mindset, risk-adjusted results

Using a disciplined and risk-focused approach, portfolio managers actively navigate market dislocations in pursuit of competitive risk-adjusted returns.