Traditional Fixed Income

Navigate market cycles to pursue multiple alpha sources and seek better investment outcomes.


Aegon AM’s traditional fixed income capabilities span the credit quality spectrum, from investment grade to special situations and distressed credit.

Active management and a research-intensive process are at the core of our fixed income approach to identifying opportunities, focus on mitigating downside risk and pursuing added value.

Distinguishing characteristics

Global teams, specialized expertise

We combine asset-class experience and global market perspectives with access to deep specialist research in public credit, structured credit, emerging markets debt, bank loans, special situations and distressed credit.

Comprehensive research, high-conviction ideas

By combining top-down and bottom-up proprietary research, we bring together global perspectives to identify market inefficiencies and form high-conviction ideas.

Multiple alpha sources, risk-focused mindset

Close collaboration between research analysts, portfolio managers and risk management teams helps identify multiple alpha sources, manage risk and navigate market inflection points.

Multiple alpha sources


Using a research-intensive process, we pursue multiple alpha sources throughout business and credit cycles. Proprietary bottom-up fundamental research is informed by top-down analysis and macro insights. We bring together global perspectives to identify market opportunities as we aim to build resilient portfolios and pursue better investment outcomes.


Disciplined global research framework


Proprietary bottom-up fundamental research is informed by top-down analysis and macro insights. Our disciplined fundamental research framework relies on a common language to assess fundamentals, sentiment, technicals and valuation. We harness knowledge beyond borders to evaluate opportunities across sectors and regions.

Holistic ESG integration approach


ESG factors are embedded into our proprietary research framework. By combining ESG factors with economic considerations, research teams identify financially material factors and arrive at a holistic view of the investment.


We believe effective ESG integration brings three key benefits for our clients:

  • Deepens our understanding, strengthens our conviction
  • May help identify opportunities, uncover risks
  • Promotes a long-term focus


Responsible Investing Overview

Our Offering

We offer a broad range of strategies within the Traditional Fixed Income space.

Investment Grade
Traditional Structured Credit
High Yield & Bank Loans
Distressed Debt
Emerging Markets Debt
Absolute Return Bonds