Investment Grade

Investment grade corporate bonds have been at the core of our long-standing fixed income expertise for over 30 years. 


Globally, we manage investment grade corporate bond assets across a range of global, US dollar, euro or sterling focused strategies. Our capabilities range from buy-and-maintain portfolios to benchmark aware and benchmark agnostic, total return focused portfolios with solutions available for different maturity profiles.

Distinguishing characteristics

Our longstanding history managing investment grade corporate bond strategies has been supported by our active, research intensive credit selection process:

High-conviction ideas

 Comprehensive bottom-up research helps generate high-conviction ideas.

Bottom-up and top-down perspectives

We combine bottom-up insights with top-down analysis to construct portfolios designed to perform through changing market cycles.

ESG factors

We integrate ESG factors into our corporate bond research process1.  Our proprietary ESG credit framework also enables us to tailor our corporate bond strategies to meet our clients’ evolving responsible investing needs.

1This is a general description of the firm's ESG process.  It may not be applied to every holding in a given strategy.