US Structured Finance

Structured finance is a core expertise of Aegon AM.

The US structured finance team has been investing in the asset class since its inception in the late 1980s, resulting in well-established relationships with issuers and brokers.

The team covers all structured finance sub-sectors across the quality spectrum, collaborating with the firm’s credit research analysts on the fundamental strength of issuers and leveraging the valuation and servicing teams from the firm’s real assets platform.

Using a consistent investment approach and comprehensive research process that integrates a proprietary ESG assessment1, the team has the ability and experience to understand collateral and complex deal structures, helping them identify opportunities to oscillate risk at market inflection points.

Distinguishing characteristics

The US structured finance team’s experience, long-term focused approach, and risk-informed process differentiate the strategies, specifically in the following areas.

Longevity and tenure

The firm began investing in structured finance securities at the inception of the asset class in the late 1980s and has over 25 years’ experience investing in more niche, esoteric ABS.

Dedicated coverage, ESG integration

The US structured finance team covers all sub-sectors across the quality spectrum with experience across structures, markets and underwriting cycles. Propriety ESG research1 is integrated into the investment process.

Consistent investment approach, risk-focused mindset

Disciplined underwriting, ongoing surveillance and regular stress testing helps identify emerging risks and opportunities, influencing sector, sub-sector and security positioning.

1This is a general description of the firm’s ESG process. It may not be applied to every holding in a given strategy. The firm’s research teams may incorporate ESG-related factors into their analysis as applicable to a given asset class and the output may differ as warranted.