Long-Term Outlook 2021 - 2024

Long-Term Outlook 2021 - 2024

With so many uncertainties around us, it has never been more important for investors to tune out the background noise and commotion of the daily news flow and to focus on the longer-term opportunities available in global investment markets.

Focus on longer-term opportunities and risks

The Covid pandemic has tragically led to a loss of human lives and in prosperity and it has gripped into every detail of our daily lives. Obviously, the virus and the policy response coincided with a major economic slowdown and volatile financial markets. The magnitude of the economic fallout was not seen before in peacetime, many jobs were at risk, and financial markets went through a risk off period. 


The virus has left its mark on the coming years too. Social-, economic and business trends that already existed got accelerated. The adoption of technology and ecommerce shifted into a higher gear and has shaken up entire sectors in a matter of months, offering opportunities in one place and posing threats in other places. Also, the effects of recovery and emergency measures by monetary- and fiscal authorities will echo trough for a prolonged period, and will likely have structural effects. 


Outlook for the coming years

In this report, we aim to grasp such long-term trends and the implications for the economy and financial markets. Also, we focus on the growing importance of Responsible Investing and the growth in the inclusion of Environmental, Social & Governance factors. Obviously, we also present our macroeconomic outlook for the coming years and our expectations for financial markets.

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