Rightsizing CRE

Rightsizing CRE

All real estate investors are focused on the potential paths for the global economy and commercial real estate (CRE). Some are focusing on stressed tenants, shrinking rent collections, uncertain property values and surviving through the distress. Others are examining their dry powder and trolling for investment opportunities. For both types of investors, weighing the potential paths forward requires addressing three challenges: (1) the coronavirus, (2) the economy, and (3) tenant demand.


In a whitepaper published by A Fellowship for Internal Real Estate (AFIRE), we address each challenge as investors realign their strategies and rightsize their portfolios to respond to the “new normal.”


Listen to a podcast hosted by AFIRE and featuring Martha Peyton.



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Martha Peyton, PhD

Managing Director of Real Assets Applied Research

Martha Peyton, PhD, is managing director of Applied Research for Aegon Real Assets US primarily responsible for the development and application of research to real asset strategies.

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