Long-Term Outlook 2023

Long-Term Outlook 2023

Aegon AM’s Long-Term Outlook considers the emerging trends, opportunities and challenges facing investors over the coming years. Published annually, it draws upon the expertise and insight of approximately 375* investment professionals around the world.





"It is important for investors to tune-out the background noise and commotion of the daily news flow
and assess the longer-term opportunities


I hope this Long-Term Outlook provides you with a valuable tool to help shape your asset allocation decisions."





Look beyond economic factors

The last few years have again been turbulent, even though the pandemic is now far behind us. The invasion of Russia into Ukraine has exposed key dependencies in the supply of energy and goods, the world climate broke several records as global temperatures rose, and the sharp rise of inflation and its persistence have defined the economic debate in 2023.


Especially at times like these, it is important to take a step back and look at the longer-term outlook. In the end, large changes in the economy and politics happen regularly, and it is not always straightforward how these will impact financial markets.







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*Source: Aegon Asset Management as at 30 June 2023

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