Diversity, Equity and Inclusion 

Inclusion & Diversity

Aegon's vision for inclusion and diversity is to build a fair and inclusive company, where we overcome obstacles to participation and increase our diversity so that everyone belongs, everyone plays a role in fostering inclusion, and we can all live our best life: in our workplace, our marketplace and our communities. 

Aegon AM is committed to embracing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, acknowledging, understanding and appreciating the differences between individuals, and developing a workplace culture that enhances their value.

An inclusive and diverse culture enables us to be more effective in developing our people, serving our clients and strengthening our communities.

We are committed to a work environment that embraces employee individuality. By nurturing this environment, our people feel valued for their authentic selves and we are better positioned to consistently deliver the performance, service and solutions our clients seek.


matt-I&D.jpg"Our success depends on creating a culture in which people have the confidence to be themselves, where diversity of thought and background are fully valued, and where career progression is based purely on merit. This builds an organization where talented people want to belong, and fosters an innovative, creative, and collaborative environment focused on delivering for clients."

Matt Hubbard
Chief People Officer

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Charter 2023

At Aegon AM we value the range of perspectives and skills that a diverse and inclusive workforce brings to our business. Our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Charter demonstrates our commitment to building a diverse workforce and creating an inclusive environment where everyone can thrive and be their authentic selves.


Our actions

Global Inclusion and Diversity Council

Our Global Inclusion and Diversity Council develops and implements a global strategy through the support of our 7 I&D community co-chairs.


Global Recruiting Team

Our recruitment focuses on increasing the diversity of qualified candidates for both current and future vacancies. Targeted diversity recruitment goals for all levels and functions of our business help ensure our recruitment efforts support our diversity ambitions. These include, but are not limited to, requiring hiring agencies to provide an equal gender split of candidates, requiring a short-list of at least two diverse candidates, and creating interview panels that reflect the organization’s diversity in the selection process. 



We’ve been focusing on developing our people; firstly, through unconscious bias training, followed by a global eLearning course called “Let’s Talk: Inclusion”, helping our employees increase their  awareness of their own judgments and behaviors that can impact how we interact with the people around us. Holding a mirror up to ourselves helps us all adopt inclusive behaviors and learn new ways of engaging others. The next logical step is an offering providing an educational programme for our people managers on Inclusive Leadership.


Creating a wider talent net through early careers

We recognize the asset management industry does not have a reputation for diversity and we are committed to helping change that dynamic. We encourage high school and university students to consider careers via financial sponsorship of organizations dedicated to widening the talent pool. For under represented talent we plan to be there for every step of their educational journey.


Vendor Due Diligence

Aegon AM has extended our expected inclusion and diversity standard to our vendors by including these within our due diligence reviews.


Global Aegon AM Inclusion & Diversity Communities

Aegon AM has an abundance of working groups and employee resource groups aimed at supporting inclusion and diversity, including but not limited to;

  • Multi-cultural
  • Working Families
  • disABILITY and Neurodiversity
  • Advancing Gender Equality
  • Proud LGBTQ+
  • Mental Wellbeing
  • Social mobility

These global communities are formed from a cross-section of interested employees across the organization with representation from all locations. Each community is sponsored by a Management Board member and they report up to the Global I&D Council.


Workforce Representation Metrics


Workforce Gender Balance

As at the 31st March 2023 Aegon Asset Management has a gender split of;

Male - 59%
Female - 40%
Undisclosed - 1%


Our target to increase women in senior management roles

Aegon AM met our 2021 target of 33% of women in senior management roles and exceeded our 2022 target of 35%.  Our ambition for 2024 is to reach 37%.

Progress of Racial Diversity and Social Injustice

Our approach to increasing racial diversity across the firm has included the following activities;

  • Donations made to social justice charities

  • "Let's Talk Racial Diversity" Community Discussion Panels

  • A new resource guide to help colleagues navigate workplace conversations on race

  • Employee Resource Group focusing on multi-culturalism;sponsored by a Management Board member

  • Celebrations of Black History Month in the US and the UK

  • Public 5 point pledge with Business in the Community: Race at Work Charter

  • Collaboration with Toigo, focusing on racial diversity with MBA students

  • Collaboration with Black Professionals Scotland


Expanding our diversity data

Whilst our management board currently identify as White we are focused on improving the pipeline of racially diverse talent across the firm and that will start with asking employees to voluntarily self-identify their diversity data in the near future.

Black professionals scotland.jpg   Toigo.jpg race at work.jpg


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What’s happening now?

Discover more about our Global Inclusion and Diversity initiatives.



Aegon Asset Management is not affiliated with any organizations referenced. Initiatives and collaborations are relevant to specific regional markets such as the US, UK or Netherlands and should not be interpreted globally. Logos and trademarks are the intellectual property of their respective owners.

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