Unsere Anlagekompetenzen basieren auf einer von vier globalen Investmentplattformen: Fixed Income (Anleihen), Real Assets (reale Vermögenswerte), Equities (Aktien) und Multi-Asset & Solutions. Alle vier Plattformen werden jeweils von einem Global Chief Investment Officer (CIO) geleitet, die unserem Global Management Board angehören.

Fixed Income

Real Assets


Multi-Asset & Solutions

Our capabilities

Our Fixed Income Platform provides strategies across the quality and yield spectrum. Active management, in-depth fundamental research and downside risk management are at the core of our approach.

Delivering focused yield-oriented real assets solutions spanning the risk/return spectrum.

  • Over 30 years of experience structuring real assets strategies tailored to client preferences
  • Provides debt and equity strategies, and specialty solutions for insurance companies, banks and other institutional clients worldwide
  • Strategies seek to deliver strong relative value and returns through thoughtful top-down research and deployed with intelligent bottom-up analysis
  • Multidisciplined, integrated team of investment professionals
  • Business built on vertically integrated platform, deep and broad market access and long-term relationships
  • Supported by dedicated applied research, engineering & environmental, valuation, accounting, client service, legal and risk management and compliance teams

Our equities platform provides high conviction, actively managed portfolios that blend qualitative and quantitative analysis to identify companies the market underappreciates and undervalues. Stock selection is key to our portfolios return.

Aegon Asset Management has been managing multi-asset portfolios for over 35 years. We have significant experience of managing large balanced mandates for insurance affiliates.