Responsible Investing

At Aegon Asset Management, we are active, engaged and responsible investors. By investing responsibly, we aim to minimize risk and explore new opportunities as we seek to generate value for our clients.

Key facts

USD 241 billion



AuM in RI solutions1

30+ years



Responsible investment experience

Team of 14



Professionals in the global RI team2

1 As of June 30, 2020. Assets under management/advisement excludes joint ventures. Responsible investment products and services may vary regionally. Refer to the disclosures for additional information. 2 As of July 2020.

Our responsible investment approach


Building on our rich heritage of responsible investment stretching over the past

30 years, we’ve built a comprehensive responsible investment approach consisting of three pillars:  ESG integration, active ownership and solutions. We integrate ESG factors across our investment platform*, lead active ownership activities and provide focused responsible investment (RI) solutions.


Through our comprehensive responsible investment activities, we aspire to help our clients pursue better long-term outcomes while contributing to sustainable capital markets and impactful economic activities. 






*Aegon Asset Management integrates ESG factors across its investment platform, where applicable and as appropriate for the asset class.

ESG Integration

Incorporating ESG factors into the investment process to help mitigate risk and uncover opportunities.

Active Ownership

Addressing ESG issues by actively engaging with issuers and investee companies and exercising shareholder rights.


Providing focused responsible investment strategies including exclusions, best-in-class, sustainability-themed and impact investments.

ESG integration

We believe responsible investing creates opportunities to generate value and may contribute to long-term outperformance. As a result, ESG factors are systematically integrated into our bottom-up research process for corporate fixed income and equity issuers. By integrating ESG considerations with economic factors, the research teams seek to identify financially material ESG factors and arrive at an independent view of the investment.


  Three key benefits of ESG integration
1. Deepens our knowledge Bringing new aspects to light, providing a more comprehensive view of the investment
2. Strengthens our conviction As fundamental, research-driven investors, it can make us more confident in our decisions
3. Promotes a long-term focus Clearing the short-term noise allows us to focus on long-term and fundamental trends, risks and opportunities


Active management, active ownership


We believe taking responsibility as an investor also means being a truly active owner, not just as a shareholder but as a financier more broadly.


With a long-term focus, we have built a robust active ownership program that includes exercising shareholder voting rights in the best interest of our clients and engaging with issuers in an effort to mitigate ESG risk, to help better understand the opportunities that companies face and encourage more sustainable practices. Our dedicated global Responsible Investment team leads the firm’s active ownership program alongside our portfolio managers.

Responsible investment solutions

Beyond ESG integration and active ownership, Aegon AM provides a range of dedicated responsible investment solutions. From client-directed exclusions and best-in-class selection to sustainability-themed strategies and impact investing, our solutions are designed to help clients achieve their financial objectives while emphasizing ESG criteria.


Utilize negative screening to avoid certain sectors, companies or practices based on specific criteria

Best-in-class ESG

Seek to outperform by emphasizing positive screening of issuers with better or improving ESG practices


Focus on issuers whose activities or practices are aligned with sustainability themes in an effort to generate competitive returns over the long term

Impact investing

Pursue financial returns alongside measurable positive social and/or environmental impact

Best-in-class ESG
Impact investing

Not all products are available to all investors. Certain capabilities may not be open to new investors. Products are managed by: *Aegon AM UK; **Aegon AM US; ^Aegon AM NL; +Aegon Real Assets US

A recognized leader in responsible investment


Each year various organizations assess our company’s responsible investment strategy, program and policy. We are proud to report that our responsible investment program received high ratings and rankings by key industry organizations.


Looking ahead, we remain committed to responsible investing and aspire to drive the industry forward by promoting best practices for the potential benefit of our clients, the industry and society at large.





RI strategy and governance1




RI policy and program2

6th / 75


RI Program3



Past rankings are no guarantee of future rankings. Please refer to disclosures for important information on ratings/rankings. 1Approximately 29% of signatories received an A+ score for PRI strategy and governance module in 2020. 2Approximately 14% of 1,656 participants received a score of 100/100 for their responsible investment policy and approximately 17% of 1,147 participants received a score of 100/100 for their responsible investment program in 2019. 3ShareAction conducted a survey ("Point of No Returns", March 2020) of 75 of the world's largest asset managers across 17 countries (based on AUM as of December 31, 2017 according to IPE's 2018 Top Asset Managers List).


Our Responsible Investment Documents


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