UK Active Value Property Unit Trust (closed ended)

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The Fund targets good quality secondary properties, particularly those in the sub-£15 million bracket. These offer the potential for attractive income returns, together with asset management opportunities, such as extending leases, letting vacant space and refurbishments.


The Fund invests in predominantly multi-let commercial assets in the UK. The Fund is ungeared.

  Key Fund Details
Fund domiciled in: Jersey
Launch date: 11-10-2013
Benchmark: N/A
Performance Target: The Fund has a projected property level IRR (net of all fees and expenses) of circa 8-10% over the life of the Fund. The Fund is currently distributing c 6 % pa, paid quarterly. There is no guarantee that the IRR projection will be achieved or that the current level of distributions will continue.


The Fund reflects an active value property investment strategy with the aim of achieving an attractive income return for investors.


The Fund targets investment in commercial assets in the UK, with the focus on the three main commercial sectors of office, industrial and retail (including high street and retail warehouses).


The Fund’s sector allocation and geographical spread will be subject to ongoing review by the Managing Trustee.


With a strong focus on stock selection, the Fund will invest only in direct real estate assets with minimal exposure to debt and no exposure to indirect property vehicles. The main source of added investment return is expected to be achieved through the picking of good-quality assets offering attractive income returns, good value, or asset management potential. Active asset management will include change of use; new lettings; refurbishment; and extending leases.

Fund manager

John Dear

John Dear

Fund Manager, Property

John Dear is a fund manager in the property team.

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