Euro Credits Fund

ISIN: IE00BZ005983 SEDOL: BZ00598 SFDR Rating: Article 8

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The Aegon Euro Credits Fund is an actively managed fund seeking out the best alpha opportunities in euro corporate bond markets. Our high-conviction approach capitalises on inefficiencies to generate outperformance of the Bloomberg Euro-Aggregate Corporates Index. We specialise in adding value through security selection driven by robust bottom-up credit research.

Key performance drivers

  • High conviction security selection – We believe it is only through thoroughly identifying and analyzing investment ideas that active portfolio management can add value. Our rigorous security selection process ensures every bond earns its place in a concentrated portfolio.
  • Credit relative value - We continuously look to source additional alpha from anomalies in the market, trading one bond against another. These inefficiencies can arise across sectors, within the capital structure or on the credit curve.

  • Top-down positioning – We incorporate macroeconomic research into our top-down strategy approach to determine the overall risk appetite relative to the benchmark.


Distinguishing characteristics

  • Clear and transparent process:Our investment process is time-tested and is based on thorough top-down and bottom-up research inputs. This combination allows us to add value throughout the investment cycle. All our research is organized along the lines of four unique dimensions (‘quadrant approach’), bringing structure and discipline to the decision making process.

  • Consistent outperformance across all market conditions:the strategy has delivered outperformance over the last 24 years, consistently outperforming the benchmark, generated without buying high yield bonds.

  • Research-intensive process, high conviction ideas: Our experienced and cohesive portfolio managers construct concentrated, high conviction portfolios based on the recommendations of our dedicated global research team of 33 credit analysts with in-depth industry knowledge across the quality spectrum.

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B Acc EUR - Factsheet

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I Acc EUR - Factsheet

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Prospectus Aegon UCITS ICAV - 30 November 2022.pdf

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Supplement Aegon Euro Credits Fund - 30 November 2022.pdf

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Aegon UCITS Funds Interim Report 2020.pdf

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Aegon UCITS Funds Annual Report 2020.pdf

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Aegon AM NL Sustainability Risks and Impacts Policy

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Fund Manager

Wim Almeloo

Wim Almeloo

Lead senior portfolio manager in the European Credit team

Johan Rol

Johan Rol

Senior portfolio manager

Spencer Hogeweg

Spencer Hogeweg

Lead portfolio manager of European High Yield

Andries de Boer, CFA

Andries de Boer, CFA

Portfolio manager